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E X P E R I E N C E   O F   A   L I F E   T I M E
Pure Mind Tribe is a community of practice. We gather, develop and share best practices for health and wellbeing. We are a mobile community sharing knowledge, experiences and practices supporting health and wellbeing. Like all tribes, this one too is made of warriors, leaders, medicine women and men. Like the Spaceship Earth, we have no passengers, only crew. Everyone here is responsible for their own well-being, contributing to the tribe and taking leadership according to their ability.

The way to leadership we call the Warrior’s Path. It’s not something others can take for a person but a conscious decision one takes when change is needed. We are not here to judge, push or pull but to make sure that after your initial decision your investment, be that time, money or work, return the best possible results. The only thing limiting you, your vision or manifestation, are your own beliefs. Our only function is to stand on the other side of your limiting beliefs. That, in our tribe, is leadership – gentle, loving and inspiring.

Warrior’s Path is a scary, hard and lifelong learning experience. There are no levels, no points, no dominance hierarchy. Transformation is scary only to the part of you that wants to hold on to the habits and behavior patterns causing your symptoms. There’s nobody watching, nobody counting and nobody judging. Your body knows best what it needs and you can either listen to it or ignore it – wait for whatever you need to wait for. When you’re done waiting we are here for you. 

We make it our business to gather the best leaders and best tools for your journey. We equip you with the best knowledge, experience and training. You are the one that needs to walk it. When you feel like stepping into the unknown, out of your comfort zone and onto the Warrior’s path you are welcome to join our Tribe and we are proud to have you no matter who you are. No matter what you have done or not done, you are worthy of love, wellbeing and a tribe of your own.