Parenting for New Paradigm

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Raising children in this technological age isn’t easy. Screens at every turn, adverts at every corner, a bombardment of fashion images declaring the perfect look pours out of TV screens, computer screens and magazines. Computer games that suck our children’s attention into a virtual world, and the relentless pressure for bigger, better, more!

And what does this do to our growing child’s

self-esteem?                            self-worth?                          self-image?


Parenting for New Paradigm is for both Parents & Professionals wanting to deepen heart connections and explore quick effective tools to heal the hurts of life as they happen. Upskill with playful Emotional intelligence and practice healthy, creative expression to help naturally elevate the family’s collective energy to a harmonic YUM!



This two and half day adult course with Hoppi Wimbush is not only deeply informative, drawing on cutting-edge knowledge of how brains get wired for love, but also a vast array of direct experience of creative and playful ways to engage and nurture self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence in the Kids & Teens in your life.

Enhance your own natural parenting style with Hoppi’s Elemental Development which engages creativity and soulful presence, encourages healthy emotional expression. Helps you become mindful of ways to effectively instill expansive beliefs and really “meet” your child’s emerging personality.

We’ll also explore a very gentle, highly effective creative healing tools to help kids complete with and move on from those inevitable hurts that life throws in…
No more accumulated baggage!


You’ll come away with an effect toolbox to support the healthy development of kids & teens.


You’ll experience:

  • Playful ways to approach Emotional Intelligence for parents and professionals to engage and educate kids & teens to be self-trusting, self-aware and emotionally mature.
  • Self Esteem & EI Games to instill self-value and emotional stability.
  • The Four Core Emotions and the importance of building Emotional Vocabulary to wire the brain for conscious response rather than reaction.
  • Empathic Communication & Rapport skills ~ so key in building a connection with kids & teens.
  • Exploring deeper self-awareness and heart-centered approach in understanding different personality types and their inherent needs.
  • Engaging the spirit of cooperation ~ rather than hierarchical power structures (our parents inheritance – the buck stops with us!).
  • Instill self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-respect through Conscious communication skills.
  • What to do CONSCIOUSLY when the going gets tough!
  • How to deal gracefully and wholesomely with those times when you lose it…




WHEN:  17 – 18 May 2019

Seminar schedule:
Registration at the seminar starts on Friday, 17 May at 9:00
Friday, 17 May       9:30 – 20:00
Saturday, 18 May  9:30 – 18:00

VENUE:  BlissTray Konverentsikeskus, Mehaanika 21, Tallinn, Estonia

PRESENTER:  Hoppi Wimbush

PRICE:  Early-bird 275€ until 14.04.2019 (full-price 345€).




“A superbly insightful learning experience. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, always valid always relevant. Tools and skills for real life!”
Police Constable Jones, North Wales Police

“Hoppi’s work draws on solid research foundations (Goleman, Steiner) giving participants a deep understanding and direct experience of the importance of Emotional Intelligence. I left the weekend not only feeling empowered, open and confident to express my own emotions but empowered to help the kids and teens I work with. I feel confident and informed to help children really feel and heal emotions with more creativity and natural expression. This is vital work!”
Dewi Thomas, Education Coordinator, Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service

“Hoppi has a warm presence and great communication skills. She is an exceptional teacher for all professionals who want to work consciously with kids and teens. The processes are easy to adopt and deeply effective.”
William Bloom – International Author – The Endorphone Effect, The Power of Modern Spirituality

“Conscious Parenting – Naturally exhilarating training provides insight into learning about yourself, whilst providing highly effective skills and understanding with which to raise children of all ages.”
Anne Lloyd, Parkland Primary school HeadTeacher, UK

“I have done 3 processes on my kids — such powerful work! I absolutely loved how creative, playful and simple the work is.”
Yvonne Noone, Mother of 2, UK 



Hoppi Wimbush has been teaching Emotional Intelligence and Conscious parenting for nearly three decades. Her Conscious Parenting Course is in Demand and in various places throughout Europe… In 2018, she is teaching in Estonia, UK and Denmark. She is a mother to three children, two by birth, one inherited and is no stranger to the real challenges that parenting brings. She teaches real skills and processes that help empower everyone, parents and kids alike and bases her work on her own work “Elements of Development and genuine heart-centered relationship.

Hoppi is the Founder of The Lammas Earth Centre, a global center for transformation and healing and a founding member of the world known Lammas Ecovillage. She has created her own skincare range, Flower Power Organics and grows her own herbs & flowers at her home in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK. She shares her life with beloved life partner Tao Wimbush and is a devoted mother of three children.

One of her favorite things is creating sacred music in nature amidst the abundant landscape vibrant with food, flowers, herbs, pollinators and birds. Together, Hoppi & Tao have created a beautiful array of natural buildings and spaces dedicated to healing and connection with inner and outer Nature. Both Hoppi and Tao regularly feature on TV, having hosted China TV, Russian TV, Dutch TV, the BBC (1 & 2), Channel 4 and many independants.


“Love is the most powerful healing force on the planet. Love is a soothing balm of unconditional welcome where every single emotion is brought back into the wholeness of Love’s embrace. Love is an ocean of depth, clarity andwisdom… Without this… nothing can shift or grow. Love is your true Nature.”
– Hoppi Wimbush, Conscious Parenting presenter