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This event is for coaches, business leaders, and people looking for self-transformation

Ready to find out how you can Finally Experience Lasting Positive Change, More Mental-Agility and Start Living in Pure Inspiration within minutes?

introducingdogma detoxseminar

In the beginning of May in Tallinn, Estonia YOUR life-changing journey begins!

Finally open your life up toUnlimited Possibilities, Constant Creativity, and Total Freedom​

In this event you’ll learn how to:

  • Free yourself from total stagnation within minutes with an unexpectedly simple and fast method.
  • Start on the road to transform your love life, elevate your career or upgrade your spiritual life.
  • Find and release hidden saboteurs quickly that are stopping you - to change for the better.

What isdogma detox?

The Dogma Detox method is based on Arnold’s 35 years of self-inquiry and on 15 years of working around the world as a seminar leader in mind-body health, leadership, and self-development ​areas​. As a coach and therapist, Arnold ​loves ​working ​directly ​with people and businesses during ​their ​times of change, transformation and conflict.

Dogma Detox is an unexpectedly​ simple and fast intervention method​ that helps people to move towards the ​everlasting ​change​s​ that they ​truly​ desire.

How does it work?​ It quickly exposes and releases the hidden dogmas ​and patterns that ​are sabotaging your ​change ​for the better​.

Check out thesepositive testimonialsfrom real people

From our coach

“My whole life I have been detoxing from hidden and not so hidden dogma because I wanted to experience what makes me feel alive – in my personal life and in my work. All of my life’s choices, careers, work, and books have been based on one principle: exploring ‘uncharted territories’ – physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and spiritually. It has pushed me to explore the structures of how things ‘should’ be.” 

Arnold Timmerman, Dogma Detox founder

More about Arnold

Arnold’s lifelong passion has been self-development, which has taken him around the globe facilitating seminars in personal development, emotional awareness and mind-body health for people from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, and professions. Over 15 years his main passion has been to support individuals and organizations in times of transition and transformation.

As the European Director of Conscious Company Arnold is a co-creator and co-presenter of the international Visionary Leadership Program, which introduces emotional awareness and emotional intelligence into the leadership realm.

His book ‘Leadingship: Exploring the Essence of Leadership Dynamics’ has been published in the UK (’12), The Netherlands & Belgium (’12) and India (’15).

When Arnold is not working, he is enjoying time with his wife, kids, and dogs in the mountains of Southern Spain, paragliding, skiing, rock climbing, scrambling or trail running.

Dogma Detox
Dogma Detox

venue, price and timing

WHEN: 3 – 4 May 2019

VENUE: TAO Center, 2 Rotermanni, Tallinn, Estonia

PRESENTER: Arnold Timmerman – World’s Renowned Dogma Detox Coach

WHAT YOU GET: 2-day Dogma Detox life-changing event, a lifelong tool to get rid of any negative blockages in life and lifetime access to supportive community.

Seewhat real people sayabout this event

Dogma Detox – Participant Experiences 1 – Arnold is an amazing teacher and very professional at what he does. He calmly helps you out from any situation you might have, in order for you to open up to deeper experiences.

Dogma Detox – Participant Experiences 2 – It is a great tool, surprisingly simple. With equal ease, it deals with any issue you might have or any belief you might hold regards to your work, personal life, metaphysical level etc.

Here's what you're gonna get when youact now

Including these bonuseswhen you act now

Is there aguarantee?

Of course… 

We guarantee that if you participate fully in the Dogma Detox -event, show up to the 2 daily live pieces of training, implement what you learn, and by the time the event is done, you will have a solid dogma releasing strategy and complete understanding of the underlying dogmas & fundamentals of how to get rid of them for good.

If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, then you can ask back your investment at the end of the seminar, and receive a full refund.

Pretty simple.

But if you’re like most people, this experience will change your LIFE (and for some of you, it’ll change your business and relationships!)

“It’s just astonishing how simple and effective Dogma Detox is. I can simply move on with my life in a much freer way.”
Dogma Detox
Davina Haitzmann
"Arnold is fantastic - already that energy what he is spreading in auditorium is worth the experience!"
Dogma Detox
Katre-Eljas Taal

More positive feedback fromhappy people

Frequently AskedQuestions

Dogma Detox is for you if you feel you are struggling with personal relationships, business life or if you have physical problems and you are not able to make the necessary changes. You know you are not using your full potential and there is more that life can offer you. Dogma Detox workshop will help you to find the limiting belief systems that are keeping you from living your life to the fullest at all levels.

The Dogma Detox seminar is NOT for those who aren’t prepared to face their limiting realities and to let them go. It is for those who dare to release old patterns and want to clear their lives from stagnation.

This seminar is not about changing who you are. This seminar will teach you how to use Dogma Detox intervention method in your daily life, to clear yourself from blockages and hidden saboteurs that keep you from living the life you are meant to lead.

We offer an option to pay the seminar fee in instalments. Participants can pay the seminar fee in three parts – the first payment to be made immediately after the registration, the second payment after 30 days and the last payment after 60 days.

All payments must be made no later than 10 working days before the seminar date.

It is possible to pay over a longer period of time with the Liisi hire-purchase payment solution.

Please contact us and we will help you to find the best solution – by email, by phone +372 600 4050.

The seminar will take place over two days. There are several 10 min refresher breaks and one longer break for lunch on both days. Please see the details below what will be covered on each day.

Day 1:  You will be learning what Dogma Detox is all about – through your own direct experiences, from the inside out. All of your senses will be activated fully so that you’ll ‘truly get’ lasting changes on all levels of life.

Day 2: You will build on your direct experience(s) through interactive learning of the quick and powerful intervention technique, that underlies all Dogma Detox coaching, facilitation, therapy, and change consultancy.

All participants will receive full printed seminar materials at the event.

Dogma Detox seminar will give you the know-how and practical skills that you can start using in all aspects of your everyday life. Just come to the seminar being prepared to work on yourself via practical experiential workshop where you’ll learn to unleash your internal challenges. No other specific preparation is needed prior to the seminar.

Accommodation and meals are not included in the seminar price. During the seminar there are several short refreshment breaks where water, tea and lighter snack is provided and a longer lunch break on both days.

Yes, all participants who have passed the two day workshop will receive a personalised diploma at the end of the seminar.

You will receive the full seminar materials that will help you to keep practicing the method in your everyday life with yourself and with the people around you.

Dogma Detox is a great tool, an intervention method to clear yourself from blockages that stop you from living the life you truly deserve.

Dogma Detox is right for you when you are willing to work on yourself and you feel you are ready to face and let go of the deep ridged truths that are holding you back.

Yes, we are used to thinking, that in order for a great change to happen, we need to undergo a long and time-consuming work with ourselves. This belief itself already is a dogma. It is making us question in something that already has helped thousands of people all around the world, with excellent results, and has helped them to achieve a new level of life.

But still, how can it be true? You think…. since your experience so far has maybe been different.

With Dogma Detox method you quickly locate the issue and expose the hidden saboteur and its patterns that are keeping you from changing your life for the better.

This seminar will give you guidance on what to look out for, and all the right tools to deal with hidden dogmas. With time, you will learn to notice the hidden dogmas faster.

Like with any method, in order for it to work and to improve your whole life, you will need to keep practicing it, for it to become a natural part of your life. We carry many rigid beliefs and understandings in us, and it might take some effort and repeated practices in order to make consistent positive changes happen.

Yes, some dogmas can be hidden very deep in us and sometimes it will require a repeated practice of Dogma Detox in order to get rid of them. Be assured you will be in a supportive environment during the whole seminar. The team and Arnold Timmerman will be there for you to help you go through the process, helping you along the way.

At the seminar you will learn how to use the method in your everyday life, so you can tackle any dogmas that show up. Self-development is a way of life and Dogma Detox is a great tool in there to help you live the life you truly deserve.

At the seminar you will learn how to use the Dogma Detox intervention method in your daily life, to help yourself and the people around you.

You will learn:

  • how to notice the inner dogmas, also known as the hidden saboteurs;
  • how to get rid of the dogmas;
  • how to deal with any unexpected strategies the dogma might throw at you;
  • you will also learn, what to do when you get stuck during the process, so you could move through it successfully and with ease.

Yes, Dogma Detox will work for you even if it is the first self-development seminar you attend. This seminar is built up in a way, that people who have never done any self-development work before, could easily understand and learn to use the Dogma Detox method for their best benefit.

There are no prior preparations needed to be done before the seminar. Everything you need to know about Dogma Detox method will be taught to you and explained to you at the seminar in a way that is easy to understand. The theoretical part will be put into practice at the seminar, so you can deal with any obstacles that may occur. The learning structure during the two days is built up in a way so you could keep practicing the method effortlessly after the seminar. On top of that, full seminar materials will be provided for you to support your ongoing Dogma Detox practice.

Yes, you can. Actually, it is very good to go through the seminar together with your partner, this way you both will have the new skills to help each other with whatever life brings.

Although, we highly advise at the seminar not to be paired with your partner during the process work. Since it is easier to go deeper into a process with a neutral person.

Please write to us at and our PureMind team member, Mari, will happily answer your question(s) about Dogma Detox seminar.

You can also, take a look at what the people who already have attended at the Dogma Detox seminar are saying here.

No. All public sharing is on voluntary basis. If you feel you wish to share your experience, you can do so.

Dogma Detox

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