Dogma Detox

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D O G M A  D E T O X

Unsubscribe from limiting realities – in all areas of life!

3 – 4 MAY 2019


Do you feel that you have been on the cusp of some significant change… but still, it never seems to happen to you?

 Are you aware that the people you lead or the clients you coach are longing for real change … but the wheels seem to stay stuck?

– then this is for you.



Come, experience and learn how to get yourself, your employees/colleagues or your clients unstuck in a matter of minutes – not hours, not days, not months… but minutes!

If you expect this to be another standard seminar, training program or theory-focussed lecture that you have to digest for 2 long days, then please unsubscribe from that idea now. Times have moved on, new generations are doing things differently. So why would your personal or professional development remain the same (i.e. boring)?


Be prepared to have your body & being subjected to new ways of learning.


Dogma Detox was born as a fun and rebellious reaction against the old school, formulaic, aggressively sold methods for ‘Guaranteed Success’ self-help, self-empowerment, spiritual development, coaching, therapy & consultancy. Its intention: to remind people that they can find their own truth in today’s avalanche of information and hollow promises. In other words: freeing people from being stuck in the rigid realities they were ‘sold’.

These principles soon gave rise to an unexpectedly simple and fast intervention method that helps people, coaches-consultants and businesses to move towards the change that they desire. How does it work? It quickly exposes and releases the hidden dogmas that hinder change.

The Dogma Detox intervention method and its principles did not come out of the blue; they are based on Arnold’s 35 years of self-inquiry and on 14 years of working around the world as a seminar leader in mind-body health, facilitator of leadership programs, self-development programs and retreats, and as a coach, consultant and therapist supporting people and businesses during times of change, transformation and conflict.


  • On day 1 you will be learning what Dogma Detox is all about – through your own direct experience, from the inside out. Your senses will be activated so that you ‘get’ Dogma Detox on all levels.
  • Day 2 will then build on your direct experience through interactive learning of the quick and powerful intervention that underlies all Dogma Detox coaching, facilitation, therapy and change consultancy.


Ready to find out how and why people find themselves stuck when they long for change?

Ready to uncover your own hidden dogmas that kept you stuck?

Ready to find out how quickly you and others can experience (lasting!) change, agility and inspiration?



WHEN: 3 – 4 May 2019
Seminar schedule:
Registration at the seminar starts on Friday, 3 May at 9:15
Friday, 3 May 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday, 4 May 10:00 – 18:00

VENUE: BlissTray Conference center, Mehaanika 21, Tallinn, Estonia

PRESENTER: Arnold Timmerman

PRICE: Early-bird 275€ until 07.04.19 (full price 345€).


“I like Eckhart Tolle and I like Dogma Detox. Each of them has helped me to make a shift. It was amazing to see the immediate change that started to take place. I’m not a novice in self-development, but this truly blew me away!”
– Misha Pelt, Spain

“I’m very surprised about the power, simplicity and the instant sense of relaxation (which is still with me today). Much more happened during those Dogma Detox sessions than I can really understand. It was a bit like the Red Sea: so much moved aside without me consciously knowing what.”
– Ankie de Wert, Netherlands

“Dogma Detox is like cleaning and healing the eyes of the blind man.”
Andres Almasana, Spain

“Dogma Detox made me feel so much more conscious, so much more myself and true to the expression of myself. And: since the Dogma Detox Dialogues, I have been free from asthma attacks and medication, which I had been struggling with for years. Such a bonus!”
Nicole Costerus, Netherlands

“It’s just astonishing how simple and effective Dogma Detox is. It really works. Because of the permission to explore and play, everything happens so naturally. My mind could not believe that simply unsubscribing from dogma would create such a change and impact. But it did – instantly – and I can really feel it. It’s like it has shifted something straightaway as if there’s instantly more space inside of me. In hindsight, I cannot believe how locked in I was, how much damage the hidden dogma was doing. Now, having unsubscribed, it’s almost hard to remember what the dogma was. I can simply move on with my life in a much freer way.”
Davina HaitmannSwitzerland



“My whole life I have been detoxing from hidden and not so hidden dogma, because I wanted to experience what makes me feel alive – in my personal life and in my work. All of my life’s choices, careers, work and books have been based on one principle: exploring ‘uncharted territories’ – physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and spiritually. It has pushed me to explore beyond the structures of how things ‘should’ be.”

Arnold Timmerman, Dogma Detox presenter

More about Arnold:

ArnoldHe got his masters in civil and social law in 1997 (Leiden, The Netherlands). Instead of pursuing the laid out corporate HRM career, he became a photographer and editor of glossy lifestyle & travel magazines.

5 years later he turned to his lifelong passion – self-development – which has taken him around the globe facilitating seminars in personal development, emotional awareness and mind-body health to people from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures and professions.

As the European Director of Conscious Company Arnold has also been a co-creator and co-presenter of the international Visionary Leadership Program. This program introduces emotional awareness and emotional intelligence into the leadership realm.

In 2011 Arnold launched a new approach to leadership development called Leadingship©. Leadership development has been facilitated to organizations, business and individuals in Europe and North America. His book ‘Leadingship: Exploring the Essence of Leadership Dynamics’ has been published in the UK (’12), The Netherlands & Belgium (’12) and India (’15).

In 2014 he initiated the Coaching Master Clinics, guiding coaches, consultants and therapists beyond method, skill and technique. His second book ‘Mastery in Coaching’ was published that same year. He also started the New Generation Retreats, which provide bespoke retreats for individuals and organizations. In 2015 he co-founded 3811 to create and deliver self-development and change programs for organizations. And he partnered up with a colleague consultant to launch Leading Tracks, a 4- day leadership experience in UK’s, Spain’s, Estonia’s and Canada’s nature.

Arnold is currently developing an out-of-the-box self-development brand that will be launching a series of books, training programs and newly designed intervention technologies.

All of Arnold’s work is driven by a passion to support individuals and organizations in times of transition and transformation. When Arnold is not working, he is enjoying time with his wife, kids and dogs in the mountains of Southern Spain, paragliding, skiing, rock climbing, scrambling or trail running.