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“I see more and more people waking up to self-awareness, not just intellectual self-awareness – a realization of the need for creating completely different daily habits.”
Joonas Saks, PureMind Curator in Chief
Miracles Interview 8/2018
Joonas Saks
PureMind Estonia Co-founder and Curator in Chief 

What kind of creature are you?

Joonas SaksA curious one. I’m the kind who wakes up in his little nest every morning and when he goes out, he tries to cross the borders where he has reached previously – so I’m constantly looking behind what’s there. It’s not always a very comfortable way of living but it’s definitely a very interesting one.

A human creature. I’m constantly discovering what kind of a creature is this human. It seems to be an endless discovery, so I can say I’m a creature who is infinite. 

Exploring creature. I map the territory. Like a bird, an owl for instance, I look at things at a larger scale. Overview from higher planes and just admire this magic of creation. At the same time, I like to sit on a tree and relate not just with the biggest but also with the smallest. I try, I play with the winds of life. 

“To breathe. Constantly be aware of the depth of my breath. Whenever I notice I am losing the feeling of wellbeing, I then stop and breathe deeply just to recognize what’s happening.”

What are the keys to the personal well-being of this creature?

It all starts with nurturing myself – really taking the time to be with myself, see myself, appreciate this what I call self, this body-mind what I see appearing here, to love it. What means loving is, it has its needs, wants and thus I create my daily routines and habits around that I take care of my body-mind in a way that I feel that I am well. There is no formula because it’s constantly changing.

Some mornings my body wants to go out for a run. On others, it wants to be and needs taking care of. Next morning, again, it wants to dance, sometimes maybe just to sleep a little more. Some mornings I wake up and I’m really anxious to get working because my mind is directed towards something which excites me. This is why I constantly have to be watchful. Not to get too excited about one thing and actually lose the overall feeling of being well. 

I like to move, naturally, in different ways, in different environments. This means walking, jogging,  cycling, paddling, but in a way where I move my whole body and relate with everything around. What’s important is conscious movement. To breathe. Constantly be aware of the depth of my breath. Whenever I notice I am losing the feeling of wellbeing, I then stop and breathe deeply just to recognize what’s happening. 

Eating clean food. Consciously eating, I mean I have to love my food and eat at places where the food is prepared with love. Places where people really love the food they make, outsource the ingredients from suppliers who put their love into growing it. So it’s about the whole cycle of people loving what they do. I try my best to be aware of what I’m eating and how I’m eating. 

Drink pure water.  As much as I can I drink Springwater, what I usually bring from a natural spring.

I try to find ways to be intimate and close with people around myself, so I don’t get lost in the existential forest. Because you can be surrounded by people and still be very, very lost.

And perhaps most importantly I need to express what I truly feel and experience – what’s actually happening inside of me. It’s much easier not to do it, because it takes time and triggers emotions in people around me. So I often find that unless I stop, breathe, and release the emotions inside, they get stuck and start sub-consciously influencing me in ways I really don’t want them to. 
This might be the most important and difficult thing on the list. It requires everything I noted previously, for me to be in touch and comprehend what’s happening on the deepest levels of myself – that I would honor my being enough to reach for its actual needs, wants and longings. 

How is the wellbeing industry changing at the moment?

I see more and more people waking up to self-awareness, not just intellectual self-awareness – a realization of the need for creating completely different daily habits. So, there’s a need for usable every day – I don’t want to say techniques, but – ways of living. People are really, really smart, they need tailored solutions for their individual needs. Everyone has their own way. In order to transform, we take parts that feel natural to us from different modalities and construct our own. This means people are less and less, committed to one thing, less identified through one authority, teacher or movement. They are taking more responsibility for their own wellbeing. 

On another level, the way of living in self-awareness is coming more and more popular in mainstream culture. Lots of people are taking up this way of living and they are overwhelmed with what’s happening because the marketplace is oversaturated. Quite often we are looking for a single point solution and by doing that we end up creating a bigger mess than what we originally set out to resolve.


What is the significance of curation in the marketplace?

Wellbeing consists of taking care of yourself on many levels. When your body needs just to move and shake it off, then your mind requires context to understand why and what. Your emotions need a release but if you haven’t really done it before, you need someone to show you the way, someone who has gone through hell and heaven – holding your hand – to take you there, to help you experience that it’s safe. 

Naturally, if you would live in an ideal world, you would do this yourself, as a natural part of your life. But when you look at the life around us, we are busy doing who knows what, not creating daily habits of taking care of ourselves in a way we know we should. In situations like these having outside help in order to achieve maximum results with minimum effort can be a great benefit.

Same as in business, what do businesses consist of? Humans. Every business is actually a bunch of humans doing something together. The business can be only as successful as the people who create this social bond or the group that creates the business. What do we see as success? When measuring success, do we factor in the well-being of the group?  Do we consider the enjoyment that we get out of our teamwork and spending time together? When we love what we do, then that love is expressed through our work. In my experience, working in any other way is like squeezing lemons until there’s no juice left. And then what you are left with – numbers on the screen, ruined body and nobody who actually cares about you. You realize there’s no need for hell in the afterlife. It’s here.


What does Season One of Pure Mind Estonia look like?

It’s a challenge. It’s a calling. Our autumn is woven together from events which take care of your being in various levels. There are events for your body, like E-Motion – that helps to shake off and release stuck emotions. There is a great seminar called Dogma Detox. It’s all about unsubscribing from all the unnecessary information which is no longer useful to you. Unnecessary, hidden information overload is one of the greatest sources of madness. Having this experience of so much information flying towards you from media on all levels shaping without you knowing how you see yourself and your life. And it’s all completely untrue. And most of us have no idea how deeply it influences us. Or how much borders we set for ourselves by holding on to that unnecessary stuff in ourselves. So, Dogma Detox. 

Parenting. Very often when we look at our kids we feel they need something, because this crazy world is just stepping on them. But I’m a true believer in that the problem is not with kids, but with the adults. It’s really important to learn to communicate with the kids – and at the same time with yourself – in a wholesome way and actually notice what is triggering them. We think we are rearing them, but actually, it’s vice versa. Conscious Parenting seminar is all about creating great relations around you so that we can all live in the so-called peace so we don’t damage each other. When you know how to relate to kids, you know how to relate to adults – that are just big kids with wrinkles. As a parent who is still trying to figure it out, I’m really looking forward to this seminar.

We start our season with Enneagram – it’s helping to see the architectural plans of yourself. And it’s really profound to realize that your dearly believed uniqueness, troubles, life-stories, victories and losses are not so unique after all. There are patterns underneath which orchestrate our experience of ourselves and the world around us. 
Don’t get me wrong, we are unique and at the same time, we operate inside characters that all play a different game. Just there are not that many of these archetypes, that we’d like to picture. Knowing this helps you to know yourself and the people around you. It’s kind of plan to liberate you. If we could say you are living in a jail of a character, this would be the map on how to get out. 
We have a brand new seminar called Habits, that examines the deeper mechanics under our habits and gives you tools to the ones that don’t serve you and to replace them with the ones that do. This is all that is public at the moment. Surely we will have plenty of surprises and easter eggs coming to keep us curious during the season.
See the full program of Pure Mind Season One here – Fall 2018.

What do you know about Cyclops?

It’s very visible that they only have one eye. I sincerely believe that one big eye is more sincere than two small ones. 

Joonas Saks is PureMind Estonia Co-founder and Curator in Chief
”A person who cannot share their dreams with those around them is sick, or those around them are.”
Daniel Waterman, Sharing of dreams as an analogy for social justice