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The Symptom is a Beginning

“Whatever your symptom, sickness or syndrome, it’s your body communicating, trying to steer you towards something better.  Since you are reading this, you’re already on your Warrior’s Path – a journey to healing, recovery and balance.  On this journey PureMind is at your service as a guide. Welcome to the Community of Practice.”
Joonas Saks, Curator in Chief, Allied Minds 

Season Two

Pure Mind curated journeys, events & consultation – the work we call visible love.


Writings from the Ancient Forests of Elves – Irene Kaljuste Curated Blog on Holistic Wellbeing.

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“Many people have invested interests in being sick or weak. There’s nothing more terrifying than being completely well because that’s when you have to start taking responsibility of those around you.”
– Scott Petersen